Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Cold Wednesday Morning

I've been wondering if it was going to get cold outside, and today it is DEFINITELY cold outside. I had to turn the heat on in the house.

My little angel is still asleep in bed! It's 11:30 and she is still snoozing. She must be growing.

Well today I wanted to share with you a recipe that I used for dinner last night. Here's the link.

Taco Bake (Bisquick)

It was pretty good! It was easy to make (which is very helpful to me, a still-beginner cook), and it made a ton of food. We didn't even need a side dish. I forgot to buy the sour cream for the top, and I wished I would've used it because it needed some topping. Maybe some tomato and lettuce would have been good too. But it was still tasty!

Even after a hearty helping for my husband and myself, I had so much leftover that I sent two giant chunks of it with my husband for lunch. One for him, and one for a friend of his. I sent cupcakes too. His friends love me.

Tonight I am going to try making a pot roast. Here's the link to the recipe.

Awesome Slow Cooker Pot Roast

I know pot roasts are easy enough to make without a recipe, but like I said, I'm still a beginner and I'm still learning. If I don't use a recipe, I have to call my mom to ask how long to cook it, what to put in it, blah blah blah. I love calling Mom for those kind of things, but sometimes I want my husband to think I can do things by myself. Ha!

I CAN cook by myself! I have become very good at searching for and finding delicious recipes online. Or in cookbooks. I love books, and I LOVE cookbooks. If you ever lose me in a bookstore, the first place you should look is in the cooking section. I'll be the one on the floor in the middle of a circle of cookbooks with my mouth watering. And no, I'm not ready to leave, so don't ask.

The next place you should look for me would be in the art section. And then the kids section. And then the computer section. And then... well I'll hit up every section before I  actually allow myself to walk out of the store.

On the show Family Guy, they poked fun at the people sitting in coffee shops on their computers, writing novels. It is kind of funny, but I have been there. Mostly doing homework, but I've been there. A coffee shop just makes you want to get stuff done. I do think though, that there's something about sitting in a bookstore, writing away about something that you feel strongly about, with all those amazing pieces of literature surrounding you. It feels like you are being supported by wonderful friends who want you to do your best and succeed in getting your story out there. It's like they are holding you up when you want to quit and give up. The words on their pages are speaking to you and causing your fingers to talk back. I just sit there and type, and the books watch over my shoulder and help me get through every word, every sentence, every paragraph. And when you finally finish, it feels like somebody knows you've succeeded and they've been there with you through it all.

Books are amazing, and I wish everyone had as much appreciation and respect for them as I do. I believe that every time you read a book, you learn something. No matter what kind of book it is. Even with fiction novels, you might learn a word or two. Or at least a new phrase or way to put words together. If you're not currently reading a book in your free time, I encourage you to pick one up and start. Maybe just a page a day. Or maybe it's just a short story a day. Or every other day. If you think there's nothing out there you like to read, the truth is you probably just haven't found it yet. Try something you never thought you'd be interested in. Maybe a non-fiction book if you think everything you've read is cheesy. Maybe a funny book if you get bored with romances, or biographies. Or even if you already know what you like, try something new!

I have always been a law and crime reader. I strictly read John Grisham and Michael Connelly. Nothing else. My mom kept raving about her books by Janet Evanovich and how I should start reading those next. She said "They're so funny! I just laugh the whole time I'm reading". I told her no way. I'm not that kind of girl. Those books are for old ladies. I finally gave in and picked one up one day, expecting to read the first few pages and put it back down. But I couldn't! It pulled me in, and I didn't want to stop reading. Now I have read 17 of her books, and I just can't wait to read the next novel. I am constantly comparing myself to the main character Stephanie Plum, who is a young woman, trying to get through life by eating over the sink because she doesn't have a table, avoiding her mother's questions, and working as a bounty hunter because it was the only job offered to her. She's like me in many ways, especially her love for doughnuts and pineapple upside down cake.

I hate it when books end. I feel like part of my life just ended and I want to go back in time and relive it. But I can't. And you can read a book again, but it's just not the same. But there will ALWAYS be more books :)

So, today I urge you to grab a new book! Just pick one up and start reading. If you don't like it, put it down and grab another. It's not gonna waste your time. If anything it will strengthen your imagination, or even your vocabulary.

Happy reading!


  1. I LOVE the part about writing in a coffee shop! When I write a book, I will be spending lots of time in a coffee shop :) having lots of support from old books and previous writers.

  2. oh yeah, and by the way, i will surely be using the recipes you post on here... i need the help lol

  3. Thanks Ginny! And I will post more recipes asap :)